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Steping beyond the traditional photography, Carl Warner create some amazing photos that It's a very creative and very technical, the series "Foodscapes".

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In Finland there is a special hotel - the Kakslauttanen Hotel - which has among various luxuries, twenty igloos that serve as rooms for guests, equipped with modern heating system, place for baths and telephone.

Freezing Crowd

Imagine that you're walking somewhere and suddently everybody freezes at the exact same moment!

Frozen New York by Charlie Todd

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Maurice Tillet as Shrek

Maurice Tillet (1903-1955) was a professional wrestler in the early years of the entertainment-sport. Born in France, he was highly intelligent and could speak 14 languages.

In his twenties, he developed acromegaly, a rare disease that causes bones to grow wildly and uncontrollably. Soon his whole body was disfigured as a result. This led to much pain for Tillet as this gentle man was being called names, berated and forced to flee the place he loved so much.

Tillet died in 1955 from heart disease at age 51. Bobby Managain, who as Bobby Managoff was a wrestling champ, asked Tillet on his death bed if he could make a plaster cast of his face. Tillet agreed, and Bobby made three masks of his face. One of which was given to Milo Steinborn, while two ended up with Patrick Kelly. Steinborn donated this mask to the York Barbell Museum years ago. One of the masks sat on Kelly's office desks for years, the other he donated to the International Wrestling Museum in Iowa.

The creator of Shrek used this masks to draw the famous character of the movie.

Musical Tree

by Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu

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Art with a Disk of Vinyl

Invented in the country of Gales - Cardiff and it's called Sleeveface. It is take a picture in which replaces a part of the body by a layer of a disc of vinyl.
If the scene is well photographed, will give the impression that the cover of the album acquired life and part of the real scenario that surrounds us.

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The Aquatic Underworld

I present here some photographs of Zena Holloway, a professional
specialized in underwater photography

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Lego versions of famous photos

Mike Stimpson, loves shooting and playing with LEGO, those small objects that everybody knows from the childhood. The combination of these passions resulted in a job in which he reproduced several famous photos through constructions of lego.

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World Press Photo 2008

These are some of the winners of the
World Press Photo of 2008


Elements like the eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth are the most expressive of the face of the woman. Their combination allows convey a myriad of feelings and subliminal messages that matter known to man in order to avoid misunderstandings and gaps in the communication of the couple.

1 Contempt, 2 Ira, 3 Fear

4 Request, 5 Request much, 6 Perplexity

7 Surprised, 8 Hate, 9 Submission

10 Surprise, 11 Rage, 12 Revenge