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Only 150 on Earth

to Lince Ibérico

People will be worried when there's only one.

domingo, 28 de setembro de 2008

Bionic Dog

This Dog has more than eight years of live and he had a cancer. One of his front paws needed to be amputate. The owner, Reg Walker, afraid of lose his dog spend 10,000 pounds in a
"bionic leg" made of titanium for his dog.

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quinta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2008

Comparing us with fruits and vegetables

A tomato has four divisons inside and its red. Our heart is red and with four divisons too. Its good for it and for blood circulation.

Wines grows in group and they look like our heart too. Each wines are simillar to a blood cell. Cientific research indicates that its a good fruit for our heart and blood.

A nut looks like our brain with left and right sides. You can see the texture of our neo-cortex. Now we know that nuts helps developing the mechanisms of our brain.

Beans can heal and help us maintaining our kidneys ok. They are identical to them.

Pear and avocado are good for women womb. It takes 9 months to cultivate an avocado (like pregnacy).

Onions are goog for our body cells. Recent investigations shows that they are good to clean some substances from our body cells.

quarta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2008

The First Photos

"Taking photos" begun about 150 years ago, when Joseph Niépce took a picture of the back of his house. Today with all the technology we don't realise how difficult was doing that with a minimal quality of picture...

View from the window in Le Gras - by Joseph Niépce (1826)

The birth of the Earth (1968)

Aerial view of Boston - James Wallace Black (1860)

Tape of wool - James Clerk Maxwell (1861)

Two naked standing - Louis Daguerre (1839)

The Earth seen from space (1946)

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segunda-feira, 22 de setembro de 2008

Virtual Barber Shop

This is a revolutionary (not so new) recording called Binaural Recording. The effect is that your brain receives different signal positions where the sounds appear in space around us, not only left or right but complete dimension as in front of you or behind.

Try this amazing Virtual Barber Shop! You just need to put good headphones and close your eyes during the recording.

Note: if you dont use headphones you will not be able to listen this as I'm saying here. Enjoy!

If you liked and you want to try one more but this time with a matchbox,
enter here http://www.2loop.com/hsound.html

domingo, 21 de setembro de 2008

Story of a Sign

This video was the 2008 short story winner of the Cannes Film Festival. Its about a Mexican businessman that helps out a blind beggar.

Street Art

by Peter Gibson

Nice Five Happy Tree Friends

A Poem about Coffee

Two days ago i found a blog called Shadowy-Dreams from Chhaya where I read some poems that she wrote. I challenged her to write something about coffee and today the poem is already floating...

The Perfect Lover

Waking up to the magic
tormented with the need
eyes still dreamy , in each fibre
of my being, I feel
Your smell, ever so divine,
kisses me softly
makes me go weak in my knees,
it makes me smile

Desperate for your warmth
touching my lips so tender,
soothing my nerves
my heart beats, just a bit faster
You make me alive
melting the pain
the sun shines brighter
when you run through my veins,

My reflection told me,
it was meant to be
The color of my eyes,
always belonged to thee.
Ripped from the life
Burnt for pleasure
Crushed by the world
the pain sets us free

You give me shelter
through the days so cruel
and keep me alive
through the nights insane
I am holding you close,
as the moon washes over me
Is there a lover like you
my dear cup of caffeine?


Thank you Chhaya for this poem and keep writting your feelings and emotions

João e Chico

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