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Living in Antartic

The population ofPenguins, Island South Georgia in South Atlantic Ocean, February 2006

A Scientist contemple the sunset, South Pole during Autumn equinox, April 2008

Amundsen-Scott Polar Station during the Antarctic night, June 2008

Tacking a phote with the underwater camera ROMEO, November 2005

The Russian ice-breaker "Kapitan Khlebnikov" crosses the ice sea, Oates, January 2005

A group of penguins abandon the cold water, December 2005

A whale dived between the blocks of ice in Ross Sea, January 2005

One person on the bottom of an Arc of Ice, Norsel Point, island of Anvers, July 2006

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Dusseldorf's Architecture

This are examples of some living buildings that exists in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Those photos were generously provided by PT, our friend. Thanks a lot!

Special Leornado da Vinci's portrait

This portrait of Leonardo da Vinci was made by Samir Strati with nails.

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Symbols of Pedophilia

PC/Mp3 Sound Speakers

Kayabukiya Tavern

There is a japanese restaurant called Kayabukiya Tavern that is different from any other: the table employees are Monkeys. Some of the customers believe that most os them serve much better than human employees...

Unusual Houses

The Highest House belongs to an ex-gangster, the russian Nikolai Sutyagin

The owner of Windsor Castle, the Largest House in the World, is the Queen Elizabeth II

The Wedge House, in Great Cumbridge (Scotland) is the stricter House in the World,
with 1 meter in width

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Liquid Smoking

A Dutch Company developed a drink - "Liquid Smoking" - that recreates the same sensation of relax that causes the cigarette. This drink is recomended for people who are in environments where smoking is prohibited.

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Battle in Kruger

A battle between a pride of lions, a herd of buffalo, and 2 crocodiles at a watering hole in South Africa's Kruger National Park while on safari.

I can assure you that you never saw nothing like this... This is true nature... Enjoy!

"X" Photos

by Nick Veasey

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The most tattooed Man

his name: Lucky Diamond Rich