domingo, 21 de setembro de 2008

Story of a Sign

This video was the 2008 short story winner of the Cannes Film Festival. Its about a Mexican businessman that helps out a blind beggar.

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Rachana disse...


Outsider disse...

Did you like this one? I think it's really good. The business man, as you can see he has "eyes" for business so he could help the poor guy just for nothing...

Sometimes we can make the difference so easily, don't you think? :)

Rachana disse...

Absolutely, all we need is genuine compassion (not pity or sympathy) and a will to assist.

I have been watching this space for a very long time, almost a year I guess and congratulations for all the effort you guys have put in.

Outsider disse...

hah hey thanks!
We try the best for this blog and you know, we can't do it all the time but...!

We discovered your blog just a few days ago and its great the same

Keep on :)