quarta-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2008


I want to share this poem that my friend Chhaya wrote and post in her blog...

I feel the rhythm,
or is it your heart beating
sweet touch of an angel
gentle waltz of your breaths on my skin
its the breeze that made me shiver
or was it the fear in my heart?
I close my eyes, lean on you
wait for you to pull me close
wait for the warmth of your arms

bloody battles, I fought for you
let my armour drop
under the silver moon,
there is nothing to hide me – to protect
the clock strikes midnight, and I feel you
pushing me away, ever so gently
I fight. harder this time –
for I am fighting you – for you

“Its time for you to go” you said
and the dream is ripped at the seam
still, I want you to see
before the cold freezes me
I was never meant to be safe
my soul was your twin flame -
the peace was never for me
you are my unfinished sonnet

waiting forever
knocking at the door you closed
never leaving – fearing your pain,
if you ever,
decide to return
but my heart is dying now
and my soul is lost
in the sea of oblivion

Now that I am fading away
my heart, still yearns for you
I had in your arms-
Life, Death and the Judgment Day
its the final midnight
the darkness pulls me
the glass slipper doesnt fit anymore, my love
this Cinderella was never meant to be

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