quinta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2008

Comparing us with fruits and vegetables

A tomato has four divisons inside and its red. Our heart is red and with four divisons too. Its good for it and for blood circulation.

Wines grows in group and they look like our heart too. Each wines are simillar to a blood cell. Cientific research indicates that its a good fruit for our heart and blood.

A nut looks like our brain with left and right sides. You can see the texture of our neo-cortex. Now we know that nuts helps developing the mechanisms of our brain.

Beans can heal and help us maintaining our kidneys ok. They are identical to them.

Pear and avocado are good for women womb. It takes 9 months to cultivate an avocado (like pregnacy).

Onions are goog for our body cells. Recent investigations shows that they are good to clean some substances from our body cells.

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