quarta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2008

The First Photos

"Taking photos" begun about 150 years ago, when Joseph Niépce took a picture of the back of his house. Today with all the technology we don't realise how difficult was doing that with a minimal quality of picture...

View from the window in Le Gras - by Joseph Niépce (1826)

The birth of the Earth (1968)

Aerial view of Boston - James Wallace Black (1860)

Tape of wool - James Clerk Maxwell (1861)

Two naked standing - Louis Daguerre (1839)

The Earth seen from space (1946)

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Salil disse...

Thanks for putting these up.
I liked the Boston shot very much.

Gossip Boy disse...

Thank you Salil, if you don't mind asking, why do you like Boston? =)

Thanks again
See you